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Whether your tiles are ceramic, marble, slate or porcelain, ECOfloor under tile heating makes them feel cosy under your feet. Once considered an extravagance, it has not escaped discerning builders and home buyers the obvious benefits of having under tile heating. It has become a most affordable luxury for any home and for any room with tiled floors. A warm floor is comfortable, dry, pleasing and has been recommended by health professionals for those with asthma and respiratory conditions.

Our Products 

ECOfloor Cable Kit

Ecofloor under-tile heating cable kits are the ideal loose cable solution for undertile heating in bathrooms, ensuites, kitchens, laundries or anywhere that you want warm tiles beneath your feet. The cable is a twin conductor, single ended heating element for ease of installation. 


ECOfloor Cable Kit Data Sheet

ECOfloor Cable Kit Installation Guide 

ECOfloor Cable Kit Warranty

ECOfloor Thermostats

The ECOFLOOR model thermostat is for use with ECOFLOOR under tile cable Kit models. The thermostat is time and temperature programmable. 


ECOfloor Thermostats Data Sheet

ECOfloor Thermostats - Warranty

ECOfloor Thermostat Instructions 

Thermal Backing Board

F-Board is an thermal insulation material designed for use beneath undertile floor heating systems to reduce downward heat loss and to speed warm up times, it also provide some acoustic dampening.


ECOfloor F-Board Data Sheet

ECOfloor F-Board Installation Guide


Element Selection Chart For ECOfloor Cables

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ECOfloor Undertile Installation Video

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